Thursday 30 April 2020

Tulip reminds us of Amsterdam

Dear Family & Friends

It's tulip time in our garden...they faithfully comes back every spring time to cheer us up. This year the presence of tulips brought me back memories of our trip to Amsterdam early this year. It's a country that is famous and known for growing these flowering bulbs.

Tulip museum in Amsterdam

The tulip museum didn't quite caught our attention when we were there...we were more fascinated with their cheese museum!

Inside the cheese museum

It's amazing how many cheese variety there were and in various interesting flavours too! Lots to sample and we thought they were all very good!

lots of free cheese tasting to do

Even the most visited canals didn't quite hold our attention as much as the cheese selection in the shop!

the canals of Amsterdam

So that was some of my thoughts - our fun family trip, that jogged up as I watched the tulip blooms in the garden. Did you know that tulips are fascinating flowers - they move a lot...if only I can capture every minute of their movements in a day.

Have a lovely day and keep safe & happy.



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