Sunday 10 May 2020

Visited a place just before lockdown

Dear Family & Friends

It's been more than a month that I've not been out except in my old garden and the new garden perimeter. It never bother nor bore me. Some might think 'isolation' is a terrible thing, but there's so many other things that keeps me well occupied that I can say I do enjoy my life as I always do, none depending on outside factors.

we captured a culture with our camera:)

Just some months ago, not too long ago, our family went around everywhere, where we immersed ourselves and enjoyed other culture and environment. So, I retrieved some of the wonderful memories and things we saw - to share with you.

a peaceful garden within a very noisy city - a place we appreciated

In one country we visited, we found ourselves in a beautiful garden with a big and serene pond - in the midst of a very busy city.

she carries a sword like a warrior of a kind - but not frightening:)

We chanced to see a very pretty lady doing a pictorial and she allowed us to capture it in our own camera too. Don't you think she is so beautiful in her full geared costume?

a sculptured tree - so beautiful

We always appreciate the opportunities of admiring other cultures in the world, the people most specially and of course the local plants and trees grown also radiates it's own beauty and kind too. I always credit these amazing design and acknowledge - that only a creative Creator can create and have created it all:) We are very blessed indeed:)

Hope all is well with you and know how blessed you are too!


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