Sunday 14 June 2020

Just that one day

Dear Family & Friends

Just that one day, we happen to see a bird in our garden who doesn't seem to want to fly away. We were worried that if it continue on staying on ground level, a cat would come and snatch it away. We picked it up to check if it was injured but we couldn't see anything obvious. Later we left it on higher ground but after some minutes it's gone. Hopefully it went home safely.

petting a wild bird that came into the garden

Just for that another one day, we decided to treat ourselves because now and again, I think we are very special in our own little ways - yes, each one of us. you might not believe it, nor others around you might not believe in that, but it is true. So, we all have a lovely piece of cake:)

one rich chocolate piece of cake as an occassional treat

Just that one - day, I just had to prick out some of the newly sprouted pea shoots. It needed to be top-pinched to encourage the plant to branch out a bit more. As it's early spring, pea shoots simply stir fried is a very welcome and timely delicious dish to have as part of our meal:)

a basket full of pea shoots picked early one morning

Just for that one day, I was out in the garden with the camera on hand, and I spotted an early full bloomed little red rose at my eye I captured the image in the camera to share it share you today:)

one tiny red rose fully bloomed in early spring day

Hope you are having and making this one particular day today an enjoyable day for yourself too. 


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