Friday 24 July 2020

Sunflower fields

Dear Family & Friends

It seems like we have never ending works in our village we decided to have a short and fun weekend city break and stayed in our apartment overnight. We went shopping wearing compulsive face mask, and it is not comfortable that we all long to be back in our village home.

sunflower field not far from home

On our way, we passed by miles upon miles of sunflower fields. It's such a cheerful sight. In the countryside, we see no covid pressure/lockdown or any of those chaos on news - everything seems so normal and peaceful as it was.

sunflower field not far from home
Not far from our village home, the girls would cycle on quiet narrow streets enjoying the sunflower fields. The bees are happy feasting and pollinating sunflowers on it's peak season.

It's summer season and the heat intensifies...the wisiest thing to do is to stay indoor and keep cool. Hope you are enjoying your summer season too and keeping cool.


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