Saturday, 26 December 2020

Our first pomagranate fruits

Dear family & friends

Our very first pomagranate fruit harvest! Isn't that exciting?! We only got 3 fruits from this tiny tree! Hopefully, next year it will give us more. I'll talk to the tree and make a negotiation...for we want to try fresh pomagranate juice that is enjoyed in middle-eastern countries. 

Let me show you how beautiful the redness of a pomagranate fruit. It certainly is the color of winter holiday! These days, all we hear is the craziness of whether people are allowed to party or not....We're not into social - so it doesn't bother nor affect us at all. ... and we are all keeping happy for life is constantly exciting over here!

Remember that happiness comes from within, for as long as you don't let outside circumstances to take over you. Have a lovely holiday.


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