Friday 26 March 2021

New season...freedom

Dear Family & Friends

It was one crazy time when most part of the world got restricted rules that busy cities turned eerie and quiet as shops were forced to close. Pandemic was the term.

Yet, our nature was never remained the same and retained a mind of it's own. The sun continues to shine and constantly revealing a beautiful blue sky. The river runs through the city as always, gushing it's waters flown in from the mountains. The sight and sound is wonderful.

Now is a new season! Here in Bulgaria...the imposed restrictions have been lifted: Businesses are given the rights to trade once again. Restaurants are opened and people are happy to be set free.

Although I really prefer my quiet village life better...but I do appreciate that city people and affected businesses are set free to live a life once again.

Wonderful to have a new season...a new day! Wishing you all a victorious day!


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