Friday 21 May 2021

Asparagus dream

Dear Family & Friends

They say for a family of 4, I need to grow 25 asparagus. I just can't make myself buy those shriveled, very tiny piece of asparagus roots sold in the shop for 4 euros each! With patience I waited instead. Then one day, a lady in our village gave us a sack full of it for FREE!  My dream of growing asparagus in our garden came to pass. Thankful!

Upon receiving the clumps of freshly dug roots, we made a 50 cm deep trench to bury them. With a matured roots and we could expect to harvest asparagus by next year. Otherwise, it will take 3 years.

It's important to put compost upon planting the asparagus roots to get a healthy start. After all, this perennial plant will grow for 20-30 years, giving us fresh asparagus spears every spring time to enjoy.

With patience we can always reap our reward. A challenge of which we should all aim for in life.

Have a great day.


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