Friday 9 July 2021

My garden this morning

Dear Family & Friends

Another year of beauty. Let me keep encouraging you to venture into gardening. Not a garden expert but I am courageous in taking a challenge, learning as I go. Climate is not a big factor for as long as you only grow what grows well in your area. All becomes easy that way.

This is our garden as I saw it this morning. Isn't it beautiful? There's layers upon layers of beauty...all taking their turn to amaze and cheer us up.

It won't cost much if you just grow from seeds and take cuttings. Grow in big quantity for impact! Every plants I grow serves two purposes: for colorful flowers to feed the bees and for food or herbal/medicine values for mankind too. There's lavender, daylily, sunflower, calendula, parsley etc.. All thrown in together. An added bonus: we gain cool environment area and clean air to breath in.

Happy gardening everyone!


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