Friday 6 August 2021

Storing the cherry abundance

Dear Family & Friends

For a couple of days, we've been picking and preserving cherries  - for the harvest is great. A tree gives around 10kg+ fruits. perhaps more!  This is just 1 of the 8 cherry trees in the garden. The ladder is for the cherry picker!

Just look at the abundance of cherries this year. It took a lot of hours and buckets of sweat to do the task.

This is our outdoor washing station where we do the quick rinsing chore -as our trees are never sprayed with harmful chemicals.

I've lost count how many trips of cleaned bowlful of cherries were brought into the kitchen. Next...was the messy job - pressing each pip out with our fingers.

Then, it's time to bottle them to preserve it so we can enjoy them in the coming months. Most of them I simply freeze for smoothies instead of making jams as we want to cut down on sugar intake. 

Cherry compote in jars

Just recording the annual task we do with the free garden abundance we receive. We're always grateful and careful not to be wasteful for ''famine'' is a possibility.

Stay blessed everyone.



  1. What an abundance of cherries. How did you manage to keep the birds from them? I always enjoy seeing your current harvests as you seem to live in the 'garden of Eden'. A lot of hard work involved as a garden like yours does not just happen. We had two cherry trees once and cherry jam was what we made from our harvest. What did you plant in the potato field next door?

    1. We do have a various visiting birds in the garden but none seem to be interested in cherries - more interested in the hair caterpillar moths that attacks the trees;) The garden next door got overwhelmed with flowers: zinnias, marigold, calendula, rudbeckia, sunflower our tomatoes, cucumbers, courgette, n pumpkins seem to be so unhappy with the prolonged very intense heat 36-44C day after day!! but...we must persist! Hope your summer is kinder than ours, Rita. Have a good day.


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