Friday 17 September 2021

The gift of figs

Dear Family & Friends

At this time of the year, our figs are so generous. We get to fill big icecream tubs every two days! Still leaves plenty to share with the little garden birds. But -We try not to attract big flock of birds that develops taste/memory for it for years to come! So we have to keep harvesting! The more we harvest, the more it gives!

There's so much joy to be able to share them with our village and city neighbors or just anyone! It feels like ''christmas'' already. As we give them away - we thank them for helping us as I get so overwhelmed with the abundance and we hate to waste food. Yet, we can't stop people from giving back homemade cakes, cookies, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, plants etc... I suppose it's their joy too. This is all God's blessing and principle!

Food is definitely better if shared! There's so much food in certain parts of the world and yet scarcity elsewhere too - for this, we remain always grateful. 

Hope you're all looking after each other!! Have a great weekend too.


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