Friday 15 October 2021

Autumn gardening

Dear Family & Friends

It's the last season of the year (3 months of autumn) for me to take advantage of fun play in the garden. So, I cleared out old plants like beans, sunflowers that have already finished their job to gain the space of planting cool loving crops like carrots, beets, garlic, onions

It was also time to cut back some plants to make them look neat and to encourage them to flower some more for couple of months at least. It is sometimes overwhelming as I have a big garden to work on but to be surrounded by flowers and greens...bees and butterflies as company at my work space...I just can't complain! Thankful too that most mossies already left due to cold nights!

Hope that you're all encouraged to carry on with ''the joy of gardening'' -big or small way - if you could. I'm wishing you all a good week too.


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