Friday 4 February 2022

Plants grown in recycled tin cans

Dear Family & Friends

Let me share gardening interest with you. It's good for mental and physical health these days!! Some plants can't stay outside all year over here but will survive indoor during winter. Or if you have no or lacking garden space - like me!! Otherwise, it's best to plant in ground for less watering requirement.

Clay pots are my preferred planters - but are pricey! Plastic planters are cheaper but gets brittle under the sun and not good for our environment too. Recycled tin can is a great option. It will rust in time but looks natural and gives a Mediterranean feel to a garden.

Just look at these pelargonium plants grown in pots -  they flower all year long for me. I like the smell of their leaves too! 

Hope I managed to inspire you today. Have a great week!


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