Friday 13 May 2022

Growing my investment

Dear Family & Friends 

Here's how we grow potatoes in our garden. We need seed potatoes (just left over old little sprouting potatoes.) A bag (1.5 kilos/about 45 potatoes) from the market cost 1 US$ only!

I buried each into deep hole, water and cover it with soil. Then lay mulch (hay) on top so the soil will stay moist longer. Potatoes like to be watered to develop many big fat roots underneath - which is the potato!

When the top green leaves/plant dies off after a few months, it is time to dig them up to store or cook with. 

It's exciting to harvest potatoes! It is like investment. You bury one potato n after a few months, it will multiply into so many potatoes! Secured n easy investment that yields very good return!

Let's all remain fruitful and have a great day.


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