Friday 17 August 2012

A visit to a Gypsy Family.

One very sunny Tuesday, R arranged for us to visit a gypsy family not too far from where we live. 

After all our day's work at home... by 6pm we were ready to go.

We drove there...  it's just a short journey to the next village. 

We passed by this...

Turned round the bend.... and I think we are there!

But which house was it? Was it this one?....Ohhhh....can't remember....

Yes, we got it right afterwards!! It's this one!

The family were so happy to see us. It's been a while...!! She was feeling down that day and was praying for some encouragement....Unkown to us, that's when R phoned her, 4 hours later... to ask if we could come by. It was an answered prayer for her...Wasn't that amazing? 

We were inside their house to start with. We all sat in a little room which is their bedroom...yes, on their bed! We shared encouragements from the Bible, sang songs and prayed with them for a short while but it was baking hot in there! 

What a relief when we moved out to sit in the garden under the grape canopy!

The Gypsy group are a minority in this country...not very well accepted! They are normally poor in comparison to most local people. They mostly work in fields from 5am to 2pm planting/harvesting job.

Fortunately, Bulgaria is still backward in many ways...not many agricultural machineries are in these people some manual jobs to do but with a very meager pay!

How they enjoyed being photographed! We could go on clicking but we must stop here...

Look! Aren't they just as special as you and me?


  1. Hi Annie! oh, how precious that y'all reached out to minister to these folks. I'm sure you brought love and encouragement to them. God bless you for your caring heart! :)
    Thank you for coming to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Oh Thank you's two ways...we also get encouraged:)

  2. Nothing like caring and sharing...and knowing that there are people who care. Thumbs up to all of you for the kind and thoughtful gesture.

    Not too familiar with the people there but I always thought that gypsies do not stay permanently at one place. I have this idea of them travelling around on caravans, playing music, singing and dancing... Guess I watched too many movies and got the wrong impression.

    1. You're right Arthur! Gypsies in UK got those beautifully ornate, cute and expensive caravans but here, they only got donkey and cart which they use as their means of transportation..I must take photos and show you them one of these days!


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