Sunday 19 August 2012

What's in the garden today?

I've gathered some photos from the garden this week...

Watch out for the pointy tomato!
Well...well...! Isn't this a funny tomato? It's called a Roma Tomato. Should be good for sun drying as it is not a juicy type...but as I'm having problem with the homemade sundrier.... there's no hope for sun dried tomato! 

Broken wing butterfly!
I suppose this particular butterfly had been around for sometime's wing is starting to deteriorate...yet she still carries on fluttering from one flower to another... 

Did I told you that we now have more hens giving us additional eggs...the chicks we had at spring time has now grown and turned into hens! They start out with small eggs and gradually the eggs gets bigger as they master the art! The egg colour also depends upon the colour of the chicken's feather...light or dark! Isn't that amazing!

Have you had any of these yellow tomatoes?
I know some people just want red tomatoes...but I think a yellow tomato can bring in some colourful additional to any tomato salad too!

Look at our green grapes!
Our first green grapes variety....we're hoping that we'll get more and better size fruit out of it next year!

Sunflower seeds are peeping!
They're giant sunflower variety....I like them because they grow so tall 6 foot up! Giving us shade with it's big leaves, bright flower to bring cheers, and later we also gather it's seeds for snack (people and chicken likewise!) 

Green grapes turning into purple grapes!
These grapes are the red/purple variety. They'll be ready soon! as soon as they finish changing their colours!

From the's what my big girl came out with...a tomato rose salad recipe!
A creative tomato and cucumber salad...but wait...I think she also added some pieces of red plums!


  1. HI Annie! Oh, your little Roma has little tiny nose! :) I didn't realize hens eggs came out the color of their feathers! :) Love that huge sunflower too!
    Hope your Sunday is going well and thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  2. Bet that is the best tasting salad. That's a lot of grapes to look forward to.

    1. Grapes grow very well in this part of the world but I could hardly find good raisins :-0


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