Monday 27 August 2012

Garden harvest

One night at about 9 pm....just as my girls were getting ready for bed, R came home with a big bag of fruit assortment from the neighbour....the girls were instructed to eat some peaches before going to bed...they willingly obeyed of course! Some peaches came with bruise and these can't wait till tomorrow!...So, this photo was what was left the next day...watermelons, cantalop melons, some green apples and some more peaches!

From our garden....there's lots more harvest to you can's one big jungle of tomatoes, sweet pepper and aubergine....all waiting to be picked and washed!

: Opppsss....some more tray of harvested cherry tomato.... waiting to be prepared!

Have you ever had white eggplant/aubergine? We normally have the purple longish ones...but this year we got some round white variety too! We all love them...yum yum!

These are the seeds from the giant sunflower we planted early on...they'll be dried under the sun, cleaned and stored. We'll use these to mix with other grains for the chickens to enjoy!


  1. I just can imagine the taste of those freshly-picked produce including the bruised ones ! lol And what a bountiful harvest ! I want some of that cherry tomatoes :D I've seen some white eggplant here but haven't tired it yet ......

  2. Can't really detect the taste difference between the white & purple eggplant..both are simply delicious:)

  3. I love sunflowers. Mom used to plant it but gave up after some time coz it attracts a lot of red ants.

    1. Ours attract's a battle between us - as to who can get the seeds first! Better to fight with the birds than the red ants I suppose!


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