Wednesday 29 August 2012

Homemade yogurt

In the village, we get our milk fresh from the udders! (yes...those pink danglies like what my little girl use to refer)  This can be either from the cow, sheep or goat!!

We have to pasturize the fresh milk by boiling it for a short while.

From here on, it's easy to carry on and turn it into yogurt! 

Just let it cool a bit to lukewarm temperature . Test it with your little finger... and if you can stand the heat, then you are ready to  drop in a tablespoon full of homemade or store bought yogurt. Mix it into the lukewarm milk. We often do 2 litres of fresh milk at a time.

Then, cover the container to retain the warmth and place it in a warm corner of the kitchen. After a few hours (even overnight), you'll notice that the milk has turned into yogurt consistency. You can save some of this yogurt to start your next batch of yogurt once again:)

My girls like to put plain yogurt into their toasted homemade bread for breakfast.

or, they will drop some fruit jam or any available fresh fruit  with it...

Mix it in and we now call it  fruity yogurt!

Which ever way you want to eat your yogurt...

A homemade yogurt is unbeatably the best and it's so easy to do!

The first time I did yogurt, I really thought I was so brilliant:) But really...everyone can be successful with it! Let's prove it!


  1. Nothing beats homemade yogurt ! Easy and cheap , too ! :D How about making some frozen yogurt ?! I bet your kids would like it !

    1. Wonderful suggestion Anne:) Except that... for the moment, our tiny little freezer is loaded with frozen tomatoes and other vegetable harvest...I can assure you that my girls will definitely heed your advice as soon as they can push a cup of yogurt to sit in the freezer!!

  2. Homemade yogurt sound so healthy and good. Anne has gave you a great idea , frozen yogurt sound great either.

  3. Not a fan of yogurt...but my daughter loves it! I like it in Indian cooking though... Nice!

  4. Like Arthur of Suituapui, I'm not a fan of yogurt...but the rest of my family here loves it as it is....Eeekkk!


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