Thursday 9 August 2012

Lunch Menu on one very hot summer's day...

I was hoping to have some of this for lunch....

But it's been so hot...I dare NOT  switch on that oven!!

In fact, I've got a better idea! I called in my little girl and asked her to do lunch instead! 
That's when I raise my status and get to be called "brilliant mum!". 

Oh.... don't little girl enjoys playing chef now and again!

See....she got some cucumbers from the garden and turned it to this!

We're one frugal family....we're not throwing these bits...

We're eating them as well...afterall, it also looks good to eat...don't you think so?

Back she went to the garden....and gathered a few varieties of these. 

Should have a medley kind of taste as they look a nice assortment!

The intention was to come up with this type of salad which was exactly what we had yesterday!! 

Yes...we're also very tolerant family! We could have the same meal day after day without complaint!

As a nice treat on my little girl's menu preparation, she would of course include some of these...which she gathers with great joy and excitement everyday!

These were just placed in a pot of boiling water for a couple of minutes.

VOILA! Lunch menu  -  done! satisfy the craving of something sweet after the's the dessert!

Full tummy brings about contentment....and   contentment is a great joy!


  1. You could make an egg salad with the hardboiled eggs and fill the cucumber cut outs. That would make an elegant presentation.

    1. Thank you for the brilliant suggestion could be sure that will be in our next lunch menu ;)

  2. I would like that yummy pizza as well but I'll happily eat that refreshing and healthy salad ! Great job , mini-Annie ! lol

    1. Maraming Salamat Anne! I'm really humbled to hear encouragement coming from a great chef! mini-Annie read your comment and she likes her new name:)

  3. That hot there? Oh dear! I would have loved that pizza too... LOL!!!

    1. July & August is unbearable here up to 40C and comes could also go down to -20C (Jan-Feb)! Both to the extreme...thus we developed skin like a tough boot to cope with it! We'll fire that oven soon for pizza...not long now! :)


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