Tuesday 7 August 2012

The Hedgehog in our garden

One year ago, our next door neighbour came to give this bundle of prickles (a hedgehog) to our girls as a gift. He thought it was a fun gift! The hedgehog was all curled up and we couldn't even see his face...just a ball of pricks! We placed him in a corner of the garden....and he found a home with us. He hibernated and survived the harsh winter we had! 

This summer, we met him again. He had been taking good care of himself....and here he is!

Hedgehogs are nocturnal and very shy animal...but they are a friend of a gardener as they eat the snails and slugs that destroys garden plants.

He's definitely camera shy!...he nudged his face between rocks...

Finally, he decided to go back to his hiding place.....Slowly...very slowly....he's running away from us!

He's going back somewhere in the barn, where we store our logs, and all sorts of rubbish. LOL!

This week, R got the urge to clear up the barn a bit....and look who he met?!

Oh no....hedgehog ran to his make believe mummy....our old mop!

Don't you think he's cute even though he's prickly?


  1. Hi Annie! Oh, what a cute little hedge hog. We don't have them here in the states. My daughter used to live in the UK and had one that visited her garden. It was so little.
    Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I remember we also had some hedgehogs visit our UK home garden...yes they were little..this one in Bulgaria looks big and old but still cute...another intelligent design!

    WOW! Can't believe you visited and even wrote me a note today!! It MADE my day :)

  3. Oooo...so cute! My daughter would love this. She loves animals. Do people keep them as pets? I think I've seen photos of some very small and really cute ones.

    1. I don't think hedgehog can be categorized as suitable for pet. My daughter had to wear thick gloves to lift him up when R cleaned the barn that day!..OK...He's actually our pet resident, but unlike the chickens, he looks after himself and we don't see him often!


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