Wednesday 19 December 2012

It's Cold

These are the logs ordered for winter's use.

Glad we've got the barn to place them. Hate to think how many trees were chopped for this. But we need to keep ourselves warm over the winter and this is our means of heating up our home.

One log burner is sufficient to heat up the water which pumps into radiators around the house. It's more economical than using electric or gas for the matter.

It's been so cold lately...but I wonder if it will hit the -20C dial that we had last winter. For now it's just around -10C high by far. As long as the sun is out during the day, we don't even have the fire on till sunset.

I shouldn't have the nerve to complaint about being cold...for look at this local shepherd...he had to stay out in the field - all day - to be with his flocks of sheep!

They look cold don't they? specially the middle one who came in between for a cuddle!

Or perhaps not.... for they have thick wool... a very good insulator...the best to keep one warm.

With my woolly jumper and socks...I must admit that I still need further hot drink to keep myself warm.

and perhaps a bikky to go with it...hopefully that will satisfy the wimp within me:) 

Even our little friend here, he enjoys a snow filled garden. As for me, I'd rather be indoors:)


  1. Hi Annie, that's lots of fire wood in your barn. Is that enough to last thru the winter?

    Thank you for sharing your winter pictures, love the cute sheep that squeeze in the middle. So cuddly and a good way to keep himself warm.

    Off course I love your hot drink with the biscuit. :)
    Have a nice week ahead,take care!

  2. Annie , -20 ? :P Though I love winter , you'll soon hear me complain how cold it is in our side of the world ! lol Those sheep seems healthy enough to weather the harsh winter ahead :) Keep warm !

  3. Oooo...a real fireplace! So nice!


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