Monday 17 December 2012

Thrift Shop - big shopping

First of all, I just want to let you know that there's a lot of needs all around us. People are hurting and victims of life. Right now, our hearts are crying in silence for the massacre of little school children in Connecticut.... This Christmas, we're praying for God to heal us, help us, be born anew in us, for the world is getting darker due to lost connection with our Maker....


There's not many thrift shop around where I live. The local people keep their things for generations...nobody seems to throw things out. But perhaps time is changing...

Now we see more second hand shops although their prices are not cheap. Most of the stocks are the 'throw aways' of the neighbouring Western European countries. I saw these half a dozen porcelain bowls and they were of better quality that the new ones which I thought of buying for our need... This is an unusual find and so I grabbed it!

 Along with this, I saw a lone oval serving dish. I was attracted to the beautiful flower patterns. 

Don't you think the flower prints are pretty? little shopping trip was meant to pop into the shop next door for some cleaning stuff, but I was sidetracked to the new thrift shop...All along, I meant to just shop for this!

This is an eco mop! ECO for economic or was it ecological..? Forgot what I was convinced by the shop keeper... :P

Yes, I have this urge of cleaning and cleaning now that winter days are here.Time to spend indoor and do indoor jobs!

See, I told you... more scrubbing pads and dish clothes jumped into the shopping basket...just love scrubbing everything up these days... Must do 'the job' while my garden's going on hibernation. 

What home chore do you find  inspiring for the moment?


  1. So sad and tragic about what happened in Connecticut :(

    Annie , I just love a good bargain ! I love that soup bowls :) Yeah , more time to do some chores indoor and bake some bread perhaps ?! lol

  2. Hi Annie, GOD bless those families in Connecticut.

    I love the bowl, big enough to have a big serving of noodle soup.:) The flower on the plate look so sweet and pretty. Good bargain!

    I'm secondary when come to scrubbing and housework. Lazy me...... playing with food or coking up a storm... I'm primary. LOL

    Have a wonderful week ahead,regards.


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