Monday 31 December 2012

The Year End Letter

My Dear Year 2012

I'm writing to you to tell you how wonderful you've been and I've thoroughly enjoyed our time together the past twelve months.

Mr. RT was in for the ride of his life with establishing a local language school, then his first Language Study Tour in London, and online teaching. He didn't know then that he'd enjoy every minute of it. Even his very own Bulgarian language learning had improved a lot just by spending more time with the locals who taught him methods and secrets of vegetable gardening. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

!5 years old Lady J has taken a leap on interest in language study. Aside from working on her French Language certificate, she continues a self study on Spanish which was started in her early years, and there's the occasional peeping on the Russian Language book too! Having lived in Bulgaria for 5 years, she did very well with picking up the local language from everyday living...and had recently found herself bravely doing a simultaneous translation for our friends during the church service. It's definitely not an easy task to do but glad she gives her best for the me some opportunity for a break too!

Lady L at 10 is getting on with the French Language quite well too...if you listen to her, she could easily sound like a Parisienne on the Making. Like her sister, she also enjoys healthy eating,cycling, photography, and this year they had a chance of teaching themselves table tennis. Much to their surprise, their Dad's Christmas present for them were tennis rackets and this will be another new sports skill to look forward to.

Homeschool wise, both continue in diligently working on their given work. As youngsters, there's just so much to learn. With the little bit of music learned in the past, they continue on either teaching themselves or teach each other with new recorder music piece, guitar, and are working on their new piano interest too.

Since moving to this home 3+ years ago, it's now almost there with the rennovation works we've been doing here and there, except for the small entrance hallway. The place has become a true home just as we liked it to be. Outside the house, the pathways had been set this year and it made a lot of difference. Additional underground water source was tapped into this year too.  Two plots of kitchen garden were made, along with a plot of berry patch and the big vegetable gardening area for 'mass production'. Early in the year, 6 different fruit trees were planted and they are all doing very well.

This year's gardening was the best year ever since we tried our hands on vegetable gardening. We were truly blessed with lots of garden produce, that I never even bought any veggies from the market anymore and there's plenty for winter consumption till next harvest. I slowly learned the skill of preserving food too.

It's been truly a busy and productive year. I was kept busy with keeping the home and family. Looking after our health with smart eating, home educating the girls, and doing home projects as my relaxation. Yes, finished a lot of crochet and other craft to stamp the house with the mark of a true homemade home. Without saying too much, I had a very relaxed life!!

Aside from that,  there were also time for keeping the interest of language learning, although I wish I have even more time as I still have a long way to finish my French Language programme. I was pretty ambitious thinking that I could take up German after that, and Hebrew as well.  Pfrrtt! But year 2012 wasn't long enough to do all that...there's always the next year to look forward to.

As a family, we truly appreciate everything blessing we had from year 2012. We're counting all our blessings and this letter would not be able to contain every one of them, should I write them all down. Every good and perfect gift comes from our Father Above. This we know:)

Yours in appreciation,
Annie xx



  1. Hi Annie, Thank you for sharing your wonderful posting. Happy New Year to you and all at home. Wish you all the best in 2013.

  2. Happy New Year, 2013, to you and all your loved ones. God bless always and wishing you all nothing but the best in the days ahead. Cheers!

  3. Thank you Amelia and Arthur for your greetings:) Cheers!

  4. Annie , just passing by to say Happy New Year ! Here's to more delicious and creative DIY posts in the year ahead - CHEERS !!!!

  5. You sure had a wonderful year, wishing you many more.


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