Thursday 3 January 2013

Start the year with Cheese Cake... to Share!

Dear Family and Friends,

Here's a cheesecake to enjoy the start of the year. For some, it's a tradition to start the year with a resolution...Do you do that? It's good if it works, I always fail in mine every year. So, for this year, I will make things easier... my resolution would be to fatten myself up with lots of cocolate and sweet dessert! Well, that's easy, isn't it?

But pardon me, looks like someone wants to share my piece of cheesecake too as I can see... not just one, but TWO dessert forks!!

Nice to have it with a cup of coffee too. Caffeine is good, it keeps me awake (although, sometimes it does not work...I don't know why, probably due to stale coffee !?!) definitely good for this time... I don't really want to keep on hibernating as there's a lot of work waiting for me at home ;D

Afterall, who can resist a creamy cup of coffee...

....the cheesecake won't stay long on that pretty plate either....

It's proven that it's nice to treat oneself now and again! Do try it and Enjoy your beautiful day TODAY! ...and Let's have something good to look forward to this year!

Stay good!




  1. I loved cheesecakes once. Then my students found out my weakness and they would give me on every occasion...or for any reason so much so that I grew quite sick of it. Not too fond of it now, I'm afraid. LOL!!!

  2. I wouldn't mind a slice or three of that deliciousness :D With that creamy coffee , I'm sure I'll be happy as a clam ! lol

  3. Hi Annie, I love cheesecake and coffee too. I love to join you for the cheesecake and the creamy coffee. The cheesecake look so delectable and awesome.

    Have a nice weekend, regards.


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