Thursday 31 January 2013

Always Mother's Fault

Dear Fathers

Anything that is not right with a's always mother's fault. Did any of you noticed that?

If you asked me last week, we all thought  we're skipping winter into spring altogether for we seemed to have a mild winter...but weather's unpredictable...since I wrote this, our ground is now well covered in snow.

Just a few days before the snow arrived, my big girl was in her elements with this cool/cold weather (some sort of a human artic bear)! her, this is Summer time and so she is out there in her summer Tee shirt..playing badminton, tennis and cycling all around the whole village!! Of course the village old folks are not very happy to see her outside without wearing a jacket!! Although not as cold...but it is still cold. (5-10C!) I wear warm clothes at all time, including scarf...but I suppose, we all don't have the same body temperature gauge?

As you can expect it, I'm told off for the fact that my 15 years old daughter goes outside without wearing a jacket!   It's Mother's Fault!!

Last week, we fancied some ice cream, so we went and bought some ice lollies! The locals were horrified to see us eating cold ice cream during winter!! Once again, mother is at fault for offering summer menu in winter season!! Yes, I'm told this will bring serious throat problem!! only drink hot herbal tea please! So, there goes our joy of the day, and Mother's at fault once again!

As you can see, one person's fun time can be classified as Mother's Fault. But I wonder why it's not Father's fault??

If you can see some of people's logic in these few case studies...will you point it out for me to see?

Yours truly



  1. Haha Annie! As a father, my comment for this post will be deemed biased.. :)

    But look at the positive side, it is the Mother who is always around and taking good care of the kids and family. As such, the mother takes the credit for anything good (or in your cases, bad) .. :)

    You have a good weekend!

  2. Annie , just in case one of the village old folks will say it in your face , tell them it's their father's fault , for a change ! lol

  3. Shouldn't be anybody's fault. These things happen and no use blaming anybody. It will not make things any better. Should take it upon oneselves to work on the problem and get things right.

  4. Cute post! I can see that you're very good mother.


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