Monday 28 January 2013

Swedish Meatballs Family Fun Trip

Dear Dr. Orthopedic

A few months back, RT went to consult a medical practioner for his ankle. This therapist told him to drink a very strong 'rakia' local intoxicating wine, before coming to accept his treatment. He was unbashful to state the fact that he is known as "MAD" in his practices... Now...that's really a nerve soother...don't you think?

Did RT carried on with him?...ceratinly not! We ran out of the clinic as fast as we could! Out of desperation, we consulted our embassy for some medical recommendation. So, we were led to your practice.

As you know, we don't really have a good impression of the medical practices in this country even to this date! To start with,  there's no appointment practices (one must have the skill of pushing in:). Then, there's always the unprofessional way of dealing with customers, and medical places seem to be the most unhygenic place to visit. I could go on... but there's no point to it.

We had to go to the capital city to see you...the thought alone is a nightmare already! You see, Sofia is probably one of the worst capital cities in the world. It's dirty, unorganized, with traffic and agressive drivers all around you. But... if we have to face these things...we made up our mind not to be given to defeat! finding some bright side of things...So, we also planned a family fun time to enhance the security of a strong family bonding - THAT same day!

After our visit to your clinic,  we were so relieved that we could then pay a visit to this world-known swedish furniture shop. Yes, it's that same big shop that you could find in big cities. Flat pack is what they are good at and marketing department is their key strategy...where customers are set up to roam the whole building to check their products

We willingly obeyed, although we were not there for furniture items. Unfortunately, ultra modern items doesn't really go well with our tiny home that has a low and exposed beams character surrounding:(  We went there to have their swedish meatballs, of course! Yes, we also had their chocolate donuts and one too many cups of capuchinnos! Just before heading to the car park, we just had to have some of those twirly ice cream cone from the vending machine.It was good fun...eating cold ice cream while facing some snow outside!

The journey home took us back to the unlit bumpity main streets of bulgaria. It was a good 1.5 hours of driving through very heavy fog.... we couldn't see anything much pass the bonnet of our own car. With no street lights, no markings on road...yes, this is how it is when a country is not really into investing on infrastractures! My stress level rose up and I kept reminding RT to drive slowly! For that, I was called a "back seat driver" of the day!... a few times!

Although my imagination could ran wild... with ideas of us driving into the ditch...but of course... nothing dramatic God always takes care of us:)

Overall, we had a memorable family fun time together, including our visit to you. Thank you for not suggesting us to come back again.

From here, I'd like to leave you my French greetings! adieu!




  1. today i just went to Ikea and brought back few pot of flowers for chinese new year decoration..and i always love their meat balls.

  2. Ooooo...I like!!! We have IKEA in KL and the meatballs are very popular. Never been there but my friends got me the sachets for making the gravy and I cooked my own. Not bad too. LOL!!!

  3. Who doesn't love Ikea meatballs ?! The gravy itself is so delicious :D Though it has been months since I went there .....


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