Friday 18 January 2013

Who Will Look After The Home?

My Dear Neighbour,

It was nice of you to ask us to your home to celebrate your name day!! One thing that intrigues us here in Bulgaria is that there's so many name days celebrated all throughout the year. Lots of holidays!!

Annie is also a Bulgarian name....Pardon me...but I don't remember exactly when that 'name day' is! I understand that if it's your 'name day', you have to offer bon-boni (sweets) to your friends! Probably I'll be excused for my ignorance once again or every year!! :)

As we dined with you, I must admit that it was a struggle holding conversation due to cultural differences, not enough topic to talk of...or the constant ranning out of the exact bulgarian words to use!

You probably found it difficult too, that you decided to encourage me to come and join your workplace to improve myself. The suggestion of going out and work in the sweet pepper field!

I understand, the job is from March to November, 6AM to 4PM everyday! Planting to harvesting sweet pepper work cycle! Workers will be picked up by a bus and be dropped in the field for the whole day (10hrs) Pay is very little (some thing like 3 US dollars a day!) I understand there's not many jobs around here and so this is counted as a priviledge!

Not that I'm too proud to work...but I don't think it is worth the job. You might not think highly of a STAY AT HOME MUM's job....but this too is a very important work/career that I do!

Will it be worthy to leave my children hungry and untrained to earn some pennies? Who will do my housework to maintain a pleasant home? Who will look after my family? Now...I also have a garden at home to tend, to provide healthy organic food for the family, Will I have the time and strength to tend other people's too? I believe a mother's place is the home and that's where I belong:) .... Hey! I forgot...Who will do my blogging? HA Ha!

Life is interesting....there's so many angles to it!

So, I hereby decline the job offered due to my wish of continuing what I've decided and started 15 years successful high flying career as a Stay-At-Home-Mum.

Yours Respectfully,



  1. Hi Annie, thank you for sharing. Love your humour. So nice to be a stay at home mum aka domestic engineer,you're your own boss. :)

    The sweet pepper field look nice but hard labour with little pay. :(
    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

    1. Amelia, Love that term domestic engineer...I've always wanted to be an engineer like most of my brothersss :)

  2. Lovely post , Annie ! I bet you excelled at being a stay at home Mom :D And your time is your own , nobody to boss you coz you're the Boss ! lol

    1. Anne...yeah! A tough boss! and nobody's firing me for whatever mistakes I make along the way...nice environment to work in too:)

  3. Annie, This is so cute! I love your sense of humor.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments and for the visit today:)

  5. Name day? I wonder when mine is.

    A stay at home mum is a full time job - 24 hours, not just office hours. It may not seem so rewarding - the happy times may not be so frequent...but in years to come, you will get your due reward. The bonding during these vital years is crucial for long term family ties. All the best to you, may God bless and give you strength.

    1. I'm sure they won't be able to locate or translate the name "suituapui" you're spared!!

      True true....I know what you've said are true! They're definitely thoughts of wisdom:) Thank you for the encouragements:)


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