Tuesday 12 February 2013

Happy Chinese New year Party 2013

My Dear Little Family

Thank you for coming to my "happy chinese new year" party. It's not very easy for me to maintain the Chinese Tradition as we don't live anywhere near my chinese families nor any Chinese community for encouragement and support.... But it is my dream to uphold at least some of the family values, cultures and traditions. Afterall, even though only half of our family is from that heritage, I still believe it is important to understand and have some sort of identity for the sake of the 'half'.

It was nice to have your smiling faces when you saw me made the great effort. For a change, we had the table set with my red homemade crochet runner.

Some of the Chinese New Year traditional food fare was laid on the table like:  prawns fried rice, long uncut scallop flavour noddles, freshly boiled eggs which was dipped in beetroot juice to obtain the red tint, jiaozi, lettuce wrap, brocolli with garlic, mix flower-orange-berries Chinese tea with rock sugar, cookies, fruit oranges etc...  and of course, the red envelopes:)

I cannot say that I have the talent when it comes to genuine cooking... but I did the best I could! It was fun preparing and challenging myself to uphold and celebrate this occassion for stronger family values and ties.

Of course, I also want to thank my little chef for preparing an English Triffle for the party...afterall, half of the family's heritage is English...so an English Triffle is proper to be included for this occassion too:)

Let's start with our New Year with blessings... by being a blessing to each other.

With this letter, my greetings to you remains....

万事如意 Wan Shi Ru Yi meaning “May all your wishes be fulfilled”

年年有余 Nian Nian You Yu meaning “Abundance through the year”

招财进宝 Zhao Cai Jin Bao meaning “Attract wealth and treasures"

金银满屋 Jin Yin Man Wu meaning “Household filled with gold and silver”

With lots of Love,

Annie/Mummy XOX


  1. What a mouthwatering feast , Annie ! Love the East meets West dishes :D I'm sure everybody really enjoys all the delicious dish you've prepared .....

    1. As always you're very kind with your words, especially good for a try-hard chef like me...who most of the time comes up with funny burnt food concoction...I'm just blessed with a very forgiving family members...:)

  2. what is in the glass? Saw pinkish, cream and something that looks like banana. Looks like something that i had in sibu

    1. This is my little girl's version of English triffle. The base is a sponge biscuit, topped with fruits, topped with gelatin (she used strawberry flavour thus pinkish colour) and lastly topped with custard. Small kucing could do this too...very easy for children and nice:)

  3. Hi Annie,

    I didn't know you are Chinese...

    Happy CNY to you and your family. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Wan Shi Ru Yi! Your Chinese feast looks fantastic. We didn't do much this year apart from eating homemade pineapple tarts and bak kwa...


    1. Zoe, I would prefer your CNY feast preparations of homemade pineapple tarts and bak kwa anytime.... I could survive very happily with that:)
      Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family too...all the best and lots of blessingssss:)

  4. Hi Annie! Happy Lunar New Year!

    I totally agree and support your effort to uphold the Chinese culture and tradition... Well done!

    1. Hi Chef! Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family too:) Just been drooling on your latest blog post a minute ago...then had to visit my kitchen to find some food as your food photos made me felt hungry all of sudden:)


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