Thursday 14 February 2013

Conversation On Clothings

Dear Fellow Parents,

We just have to love and laugh with our children. During the baby years, they are so dependent on us for everything, but in no time, they just grow up to be an individual. The older they get, we start seeing them more like a friend whom we could have beautiful friendship. We don't have problems with our teenager...we find they get more fun to be with each year!! Here's my conversation with my girl last week:

Mummy:      Julia, it's already mid day and you're still in your pajamas!!
Julia:            I'm not in my pajamas mummy...
Mummy:      but aren't those the pajamas that ama (grandma) sewed for you?...
                   Do you mean you wear them in bed and at daytime as well??
Julia:            but they are not pajamas...and I don't wear them to bed...
Mummy:     What do you mean they're not pajamas? What do you call them??
Julia:           Mummy, they used to be my pajamas but they're not pajamas now...
                  they are just called  GARMENTS!

Oh whatever Julia! Whatever next!!

Parents, love your children...whether they are babies, toddler, teens, adults....your children will be yours always! At whatever age, they're good fun!




  1. Julia - 1 Mom - zero lol Kids , gotta love them !

    1. Ha Ha! Anne, you're still my friend:) ..and now, you're Julia's friend too:D

  2. Your daughter sounds so smart and independent. I think it was really charming conversation.


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