Thursday 18 April 2013

My Team Has Earned Their Keep

Dear Family & Friends

Today my husband came back home from work a bit later than his usual routine. Upon arriving home, he beamed with delight that he got me a second hand water container!

We did collect a fair amount of rain water for the garden the past days. ... but could have been more if we had extra water container. Useful but not we do refrain from buying this stuff...afterall, we prefer recycled materials whenever possible. There's nothing better than free....

How did he earned his keep? Well, as he was about to get into his car to come back home, an old boy called him, wanting his help in clearing up the weeds in his, my husband helped him and ended up with an old used water container given to him for free!!

OK, whatever we parents do, we must note that our children are always watching us in silence too....

Later on in the day, after a game of  badminton and tennis....our two girls decided to go cycling in the village to celebrate the beautiful sunny day. 

They didn't managed to go very far in their bikes because an old grandmother neighbour called them out to help her with her spring gardening, the two girls hopped off their bikes and helped her. 

In return, they too earned their keep...they both came home beaming with delight saying: "mummy, we earned some flower plants for you!"

Yes, these are little things: old water container, a  dozen or so of pansie and chrysanthemum plantlets wrapped in newspaper...but they are of great value to me...for I think my team have earned their keep by helping people out and they are so keen to bless me too.

I had a good day today. Hope you did and will too:)



  1. I love the attitude of your team :D

  2. As thou giveth, thus shalt thou receive... What goes around comes around...and by our own actions, shall we be truly blessed.

  3. You guys are very good neighbor, so kind.


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