Thursday 30 May 2013

Garden Arts of Interest

Dear Family & Friends

It's a blessing that we can enjoy being outside, working in the garden and then find some of God's amusing creation to entertain us as well.

Our big cherry tree is now loaded with cherries...but we still have to wait for a few more days for the fruit to turn very red and sweet. Right now it's still yellowish to reddish! So, you can just imagine my growing hungry girls alway inspecting for the "ready" signs...and yet perhaps a little bit more patience needed. But look what they have found to amuse us all.  

A Siamese twin of which is more riper than the other one!

The Strawberries are now ready and the girls never fail to go out and have their fruit snack everyday. And today they found a very craftily created strawberry...4 in 1!!

Turn it upside down, and now it looks more like a butterfly!

Or as a 4 petals flower sprouting from a rock!

But not too long, it landed into someone's hand and it pop into the mouth!! Yum! It did taste like a real strawberry!!

While God can come up with creative fruit to amuse us, man can only make and built interesting things, using talents and creativity that also came from God,to amuse ourselves! Here goes.... amazing idea of how to make a portable garden shower!! It's still being pondered upon, and under a process of a few more test!!

The idea is to have hourly showers when the height of summer comes...yes...a shower under the sky...something like sunbathing/sunshowering!! The garden is enclosed with 4 solid walls, but we take no risk in giving our neighbours the we still have to have the shower curtain!!

Ah...can't wait for this project to be finalized and utilized!

Enjoy your day!



  1. The outdoor garden shower is a wonderful idea!

    I love cherries but since I have to fight the birds for my blueberries I figured cherries would be a lost cause. So I only grow the bush variety.

  2. "Our big cherry tree is now loaded with cherries" !!!!!!! I just can help but drool over that lol And the strawberries ?! *sigh* I think I'm going to swoon ( drama queen ! ) when you post some photos of your cherries :D Love the idea of an outdoor shower !

  3. Hi Annie, yuhuuuu garden shower.... ^-^ must be very enjoyable and fun to shower in the garden. Great idea.

    The twin cherry and quadruplet strawberry look so cute and delicious. Lovely pictures.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Wow! The cherry and strawberry are nice, cute and unique! The outdoor shower is really a neat idea though, keep towel close by. Ha ha ha.


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