Sunday 2 June 2013

The Vegetable Garden -end of May

Dear Family & Friends

This is in the vegetable garden towards end of May this year.

Yes, we already had our first corgette last was delicious! This is a corgette plant too...late comer and as you can see the leaves is still so tiny but already flowering!

We have a lot of ants around and they are very busy farming aphids...but nature takes it's own course...we can also see a lot of ladybirds feeding on those horrible aphids...Hurray!!

These are the more established rows of corgette...lots of flowering fruits...we will have enough for grilled corgette BBQ with friends this weekend :)

It would have been nice to have some pickled cucumber to go with the grill menu, but for the moment cucumbers are not big enough...yet I can see some fruiting who knows!! 

A row of cornichon... At one point, I thought I almost lost them when I transplanted the seedlings without keeping the soil moist...but they've forgiven me and recovered well. We will enjoy them as pickled, in a jar, for winter use when there's not many fresh veggies.

My husband doesn't like me planting a lot of pumpkin...but you know...I just can't say no to BIG local pumpkin, then, there's the butternut squash type and the asian pumpkin....I just got to have them all...but these plants like roaming around and they take up space! I told him I will peg them straight on the path where they can go or allowed to go as per order of the Management:) Oh...they better behave...or else, I get into trouble again! 

These are my naughty edible weeds, the Purslane. I shouldn't give them any special place as they just grow everywhere without control....but I did. I have a patch for them and I water them too:) 

Don't you think this is a work of art? My husband copied the idea from the neighbour in stringing intricate triangle patterns between post for the veggie climbers.

Here's the rows of tomatoes...yes, there's a lot of them....I got carried away with one too many...and there's volunteer tomatoes here and there too! I sometimes don't have the heart to pull and throw them, I have no choice as I'm ranning out of garden space!!

Two long rows of green beans....! YUM!  We love green beans and surprisingly, we don't see much green beans sold in the market, even in season...I suppose the locals grow them mostly for the bean seed, not as greens.

The corn seed sown directly seemed to have sprouted sporadically.Next year, I will pre-soak them to sprout a bit before planting them out...but one good thing...I can carry on sowing more seeds. Corn is so tasty and sweet, specially harvested from the garden straight into the cooking pot!

The potatoes that I planted with special pre-instruction from the husband... of planting 3 rows only... ended up going overboard to 6 rows and a bit! No, I just don't have the heart to throw the rest as usual!! They used to look great all in neat rows...but rain/wind and their statures now plops them everywhere a bit.... OK...a great bit!

These are my onions...yes, there's a lot of them too...but they do keep well. In fact, we are still eating onions that we harvested last year...a few more to finish before these lot are ready!

The green peas are now climbing onto their post.... I've lost a lot of them somewhere...perhaps birds ate some of the seeds??...but there's enough for stir fried fresh young peas in a pod now and again...that's how it's best thinks!

This is a bit long posting...but this serves as a record pupose for my gardening venture...perhaps an inspiration to some of you or maybe opportunity for me to learn from you in case there's something I missed or need to know further.



  1. Oh my! This is well organized garden! Just fantastic! You and your husband doing a great job!

  2. Just about 2 months ago your garden was covered in snow now it's full of blooming and thriving greens ! How I wish I just can grab some of those veggies right out from our screen :D


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