Monday 13 May 2013

My To Do List Failed

 Dear Family & Friends

Every day, I make a TO DO list to get myself focused with what I have to do, otherwise, I just end up day dreaming!

It's not bad to have a dream... in fact, today's list, I jot down: Go for a walk to the nearby lake with the girls!! I've never really been to this lake except through their photos and through listening  to their awesome adventure walk talks each day!!

Indeed, I also want to share some energetic moments with them ... like perhaps...cycling? ...Everyday they play badminton, tennis and cycle around for physical fitness...yes, they are health conscious gals...and they will not take bad unhealthy food either... so unlike their mum!!

and if they have to do  some less energetic activity for some reason or another, it still have to be mentally beneficial... like school work (right girls?) ...Brain training nintendo games ...stuff like that!!... or board games like CHESS! No,... apparently, they are not into Snake and Ladder board game anymore because it doesn't exercise the brain!! Well, that was what I overheard last time!!

WOW! You see, I don't have just one... but two amazingly good and perfect girls!! Thus, you can understand why the Mum wishes to join them in their activities for better development...  

Although I listed down my "good intention" today...but did you think I made it??  Oh No, nothing like that happened!!...for some reason, I ended up facing some garden dirt once again UGH!!....sowing is a never ending job for the moment!!... I just hope my brain won't get cooked up under the sun while daily gardening!

OK! My to do list for tomorrow would be.... Be Content and just enjoy whatever comes each day!

You have a nice day too!



  1. Hi Annie and it sounds like you're one organized gal! Love your snaps and I'm so impressed with all of the exercisy things your gals do. I think about being more physical but I can't seem to get out of my chair! :) Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Hi Annie, the lake look beautiful. It's good to go for outdoor activity like walking,cycling or gardening. That's a good form of exercise to keep young and healthy. Keep yourself busy with your gardening, we enjoy your gardening posting. :)

    Love your new header.
    Best regards.

    1. Thank you Amelia. Glad I could share with you my gardening life:)

  3. Indeed the lake looks beautiful! Your daughters are lucky to have mother like you. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

    1. We missed Mother's Day :O ...never mind, we/I will make it up tomorrow:)

  4. Annie , gardening is a good exercise as well ! Better than lurking online , right ? :D Btw , love the new header ! Those veggies were from your garden ?

    1. Lurking online?! Ha Ha..Anne you're being funny!! It's actually called relaxation time out :D ..Yes, the leafy veggies are from the garden...we live on that for the moment!!


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