Saturday 18 May 2013

Purslane Meals To Go

Dear Family & Friends

I think I have written before my love for Purslane (in English), Pourpier (in French), тученица (in Bulgarian) or Verdolago (in Spanish). Well, It's about time of the year when they sprout everywhere in my garden. Yes, many consider them weeds but really they are Omega rich food and we love eating them just as we love many sort of vegetables.

In this bowl, I've stir fried them quickly, adding salt and pepper and a dash of lemon juice:)

I don't normally like overcooked veggies...this one still got the crunch to it. It is delicious this way...or you could crack an egg or two with it.

OK, I did had a break with Purslane dish and went for Chard mix of red and white stems...cooked it exactly as I did with the purslane dish mentioned above.

Oh No, I'm back to another Purslane dish... cooked to another form. See, I told you I can't really get away with food I love eating...

This dish is cooked with just an egg batter mix (ie..flour, eggs, salt and pepper) coating the purslane and pan fried with a little bit of oil. As easy as that, and the health benefit of omega rich food is invaluable.

Purslane is another seasonal food from our garden...but I wonder...perhaps I could freeze some of these for later use?? OK...I must harvest a bit more tomorrow and see if it could be to try these things.. :)

Ciao for now.



  1. Annie , we've got purslane in the Philippines as well , okay , I just Googled it since it looks so familiar :D Yup , I've eaten it before but I can't remember how it was cooked :P Anyway , love your simple and delicious veggie fritters !

    1. I wasn't aware of it until we came over here 3 years we have learned to eat weeds...AY! we're getting braver as we mature in age LOL!

    2. OK where is my comment I just wrote went? Anyway, purslane is new to me and I'm very curious. Dishes look great.


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