Monday 24 June 2013

Hollyhock - a Cottage Plant

Dear Family & Friends

If there's any cottage flower plant that is a great pleaser...I should say its the Hollyhock. They don't fuss about the soil and they can even grow in between pavement cracks.

And look at the gorgeous flower!

I always had the plain white hollyhock...but this year, I've got a nice surprise... a red one with a pompom in the centre! 

Unlike this white single petal variety that we always have, the red one seems to grow much taller and the leaves are not so round. 

This one grew almost nine foot tall measuring to its tip that's full of buds, yet to's amazing something like this easy plant can give us such joy:)

There'll be plenty of seed saving from this one:)



  1. Beautiful! I like them both. I enjoy watching your garden grow, so very nice!

  2. Hi Annie, the red flower look really gorgeous and beautiful. The white one look very pretty too.
    Happy gardening.

  3. Beautiful flowers , Annie ! The red ones sure look terrific :)


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