Thursday 27 June 2013

Local Winery Tour - Private & Free

Dear Family & Friends

One late afternoon, we visited a local village hotel for an outing. As a bonus, the hotel receptionist took our family for a private winery tour for free... it was kind of her. Our family don't drink alchohol but of course it was interesting for us to see how wines are made.

Inside the winery house, it was all very cellars are! Important for processing wine.

Since it was also's cool. I think it is nice to be in there during hot summers!! :)

This is the wine tasting area..of course we didn't have any....but that's what they offer if you join the organized tour. There was this special area in the centre where sound is amplified.... I suppose, when you have one too many, and when you get bolder to sing for everyone, that's where you have to go:) just kidding!

I do like their wine oak barrels and I think the architect and the whole complex design is all very attractive.

This is where all the grapes juice are being processed and monitored.

After being in the cellar, all was so bright and beautiful outside. The hotel complex got their pools but their garden landscape were mainly focused on neatly lined grape vines... some free standing, others draping on balconies, arbour and propped up post!

Our late afternoon family outing was just about 15 minutes away from where we live.... No...we don't really go that we??

Hope you enjoyed the short tour too:)



  1. Annie , such an interesting place to visit ! Did you get any grape -growing tips :D

  2. Hello, Annie. The hotel you visited located very peacefull place. I want to look at the inside of the room.

  3. I don't drink wine but still fascinating to see the winery. Oh, my! you live in beautiful country side!

  4. Anne, Ameki, yes it's definitely a nice place to visit...more so at this time of the year!

    Chichi...I did take a photo of their rooms...but couldn't locate it when downloaded...rooms sleeps 4 (a double bed + sofa beds in lounge area with a fireplace/log burners too!)


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