Wednesday 19 June 2013

Our Plants Have Their Story

Dear Family & Friends

It's mid June and the grapes are starting to form into bunches...Yes, there's plenty of them hanging out there! Our neighbours tell us that we need to spray them  for fruits to set...but we are NOT going to do that! I think they do set without spraying... See.... the evidence :)

One old grape vine we've saved from destruction, when we concreted the path under this entrance roofed area to kitchen is doing very well too:) I let it roam around the edge of the roof's also laden with fruits. Under this roof, I also hang my washing to thinks...clothes and grapes can go hand in hand... and rightly so...

This purple roundish french first variety planted this year when my friend sent me some seeds....I'm so excited to have this in the garden...well, I do get easily excited with the normal flat green beans that we grow, this is a double excitement:)

Remember our stressed Rhubard plant that bolted into flower early this spring and shooted up to about seven feet tall?? I was amazed and didn't know what to do...I thought that was the end of it!!...but an English friend came to visit one day and told me to cut down the flowering stalk and everything will be normal once again. I did...and look, I now have lots of leaves once again and have even harvested some stems for pies!!

This red curly leaves lettuce grew all by itself....the only one we had this was so pretty to look at that I didn't have the heart to eat grew like a Christmas tree and is now bolting...oh well.... at least I could save some seeds from it and perhaps, next time around, it won't be such a novelty and it will surely be eaten!! 

The Geranium looks so healthy with it's crispy, sturdy, pudgy leaves. You won't even notice that I just picked this tiny piece of stem tip that was trodden on when it fell on the pavement of a hotel lobby...probably was broken off when they cleared up their potted plant to overwinter... I took it home, placed it in a glass of rooted and I transplanted it into a pot and kept it inside the house during last it's here to stay with us:)

As I care for these plants we have at home....I feel they all have a story of their own to tell...gardening is fun:)

Happy gardening to you all:)


  1. Oh Annie , those grapes look fantastic ! How long do you think those bunches will ripen ? Can't wait to see it :D

    1. I think the grapes should be ready around September/October...Enough time to book a ticket to come and join us for the harvest..Anne:)

  2. I agree with Anne. Your garden is fantastic!

  3. Hi Annie,wish I can join you too... to harvest the grapes. :)) Still got time to book ticket.... LOL
    Lovely garden, the flowers look so pretty.

    Happy gardening and have a nice week ahead.


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