Saturday 15 June 2013

Garden Amusement

Dear Family & Friends

Life is pretty hectic... now that summer is here...basically I'm trapped with gardening chores...Oh Joy!...Somedays are just overwhelming! With the rainy, thunderstormy days, weeds grow so fast that it's overtaking my life! I get stressed thinking what I have to tackle for the day...making me want to go toilet....Yes....I have to teach myself to breath in and breathe out to calm down!! Oh silly me!!

But today, I found something to amuse myself,  despite of the weeds pulling activity grrrr... Now, Can you spot the spider?

Yes! A yellow spider and it's well camouflaged in the flower petal! It's so pretty..don't you think so?

This creature was spotted by my little girl...How can a grassopher grow that BIG!! I told you...must be the many many weeds that grows everywhere in our garden ..Huh?

There's also plenty of veggies to harvest each day.. Today, I've collected my rainbow chard...Don't you think they are so pretty with their different coloured stems? The stems retain their colour even when cooked. I like them a lot!

There's also endless zuchinni to gather and green beans too! I cook some, and I freeze some...everyday! These veggies are in the menu in various forms and camouflage. Everyone is happy and content with the fresh food from garden to table...despite all the work involved,  I still feel blessed.

Now, back to my garden chores...I will promise to show you the garden update soon...the whole place seems over grown by now. So...I'm off to the jungle!



  1. Hi Annie, nice pictures. First time I see a yellow spider, it's very unique. Even thou gardening is hard work but when you harvest your fruits and vege, your forget about all that.
    Count your blessing and forget about the hard work. Enjoy gardening.

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards.

  2. Annie , I just can imagine having fresh produce straight from the garden everyday ! The spider looks pretty indeed :)

  3. Rainbow Swiss Chard is so pretty! I grow it too.

    Yes, summer is a busy time for gardeners but I'd much rather be outside than inside!

  4. I've never seen yellow spider before but it looks amazing! The grasshopper is so huge that frightening. You have a really nice garden!


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