Thursday 13 June 2013

Sweet Peas in our Household

Dear Family & Friends

It's been my dream to see Sweet Peas in our garden...but our Bulgarian climate is probably is a bit too warm and dry...because the first year I planted it, it grew yet never flowered...but I don't give up easily...I planted them once again this year, although they are not very willing to be showy, yet they flowered... I know I will grow them again next year and I'm positive it will be better each year.

Sweet Peas are lovely to behold...but I must let you know that I have two real 'sweet peas', who are blooming to be lovely two girls. I just can't help but appreciate them because when I am so busy with my gardening activities... they take over the kitchen for me.

Our bread machine of almost ten years finally gave up on us, it has been so well used in our household...but for the meantime, my husband passed on the daily bread recipe to our big girl which she uses to make the daily bread by hand till a new machine arrives... the dough can easily turn into buns and pizza. This is her inherited recipe:

2 Tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt
400 ml warm water
75ml oil
Put everything in a bowl.

Then add, 6 cups of bread flour
1 tsp of instant yeast

Mix all together and knead till smooth. Leave to rest inside the bowl - covered. When it has doubled in size, punch it down...knead a few minutes and shape them up for your use i.e. either in form of a  bun (with or without fillings, bread loaf style, or pizza with all sorts of toppings:)

While the big girl bakes the bread/pizza, the little one will also bake her dessert or savory pies for us at the same time...well, it's a good idea to maximize on the electric bill...but of course, I think it also maximize our waistline!!

The winner takes it all....(as sang by ABBA)...but NOT!



  1. Annie , use that arm muscle to make bread from now on ;D From the look of that pizza and pie , your 2 sweet peas knows their way around the kitchen ! Great job , guys !

  2. Hi Annie, the pizza and pie from your 2 girls look delicious. Both of them are future chef. Keep up the good job.

    Best regards.

  3. The pie looks pretty and artistic! I love sweet peas! Yours look lovely


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