Sunday 30 June 2013

The Vegetable Garden - End of June

Dear Family & Friends

It's now end of June and I'm updating the vegetable garden situation. These kept me really busy with lots of work... sometimes overwhelming work that I get stressed and angry... but I now realized that I really have a bad attitude towards this...silly old me!

I should be grateful that I'm blessed with so much (including work!)...I just have to chill out and do what I can do...if veggies can't be harvested in time, it will still be OK... if weeds are teasing me to no end, well, this is a real garden! I will still get there eventually!!

Everything has just taken on with vigor! and beauty! It's still a perfect garden.... as long as you don't mind watching weeds in every corner of these photos!!

A few onions bolted into flower but there are still a lot busy forming their bulb. I think some of them are already getting ready to be harvested...but I will have to wait for them to really wilt out before harvesting. what is this?!...oh yes...this is the potato patch...actually you can't see the potato plants anymore, most of them have disappeared... and weeds -enormous weeds have taken over... I think it is time to harvest them...just waiting for weekend help:)

The corns are forming by now...weeds are growing happy along side them too:)

There's really no pathway in between rows of fault...Ive planted them too too many...didn't managed to pinch the side they are really very bushy!! Fruits are still green...but I wonder how I will manage to harvest them when they turn red...oh well... I just will have to squeeze in and get covered with green tomato sap all over me:)

The two rows of cucumbers and cornichon are just about girls are complaining that soon they can't get in there to harvest the fruit everyday because if you remember right, I planted one pumpkin plant in between...and they are taking over like crazy..zooming thru the pathway....never do this again!!

The green beans are faithful with their daily harvest offer... I just have to keep visiting them everyday... we prefer eating it crispy-green-and-all, and if I let them mature so much...they will start producing the bean yet...

Although this is not part of the vegetable garden anymore.....but I really get the joy of looking at these bunches growing by the day...they literally covered the roof edge space allotmented isn't much a space...

As you can see...I can't keep up on top of the race when it comes to June gardening...but since I'm not going for the pristine garden award, I've already won for the natural garden look category...yay!

Now I'm off to do more work in the kitchen garden, the herb garden, the flower garden, the mini vineyard, the wild meadow, the berry patch...and I'll try not to get stressed and angry:) afterall, it's suppose to be HAPPY GARDENING!



  1. Annie , your garden is just DROOL-WORTHY ! Will gladly help you harvest some of those wonderful veggies :D I thought gardening is relaxing ?! lol

  2. Hi Annie! I'm back and could feel the excitement in your garden! Can't wait for the harvest!

  3. What a amazing garden you have! Truly envious! A great job!

  4. Hi Annie, I love your garden....If I'm near you, I don't mind helping to pull the weeds and harvest those fruits and vege. :))

  5. Thank you everyone for appreciating the jungle I make :)


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