Friday 12 July 2013

Bento Lunch Bag

Dear Family & Friends

For food bloggers...this is probably not what bento lunch is suppose to be...sorry to disappoint you, but in this part of the world, it could be a bento!

Recently, my husband and little girl were out cycling to a local village house to pay our internet that I can carry on my blogging ^_^, then, a grandmother stopped them by the roadside. She introduced herself as our neighbour who also live in the village and she handed them them this lunch bento:

What's inside this recycled plastic bag of a shop bought bread? : A butter and honey sandwich wrapped in a smaller plastic bag,  one cucumber, a small plastic cup filled with sour cherries, some seasonal local yellow and red plums. That's a healthy lunch pack although not so sophisticated in form and packing.

We don't understand why she shares this lunch bag with people that day, but she mentioned that her daughter just died 6 months ago...perhaps this is her vow?? There's so many hurting people around us. Perhaps this lunch bag was to share some of her hurt and love.  She also mentioned that she still got one son and she wants him to meet us oneday.  

Our village is full of lovely people, coping with life in their own way. 

Although this is a very humble is packed with love...definitely, a delicious lunch bento:) Don't you think so too?



  1. Very tender story. I feel sorry for the lady.

  2. Hi Annie, that's very warm and touching. It's the thoughts that count not the content inside the bag. Anyway it's so sweet of her, the goodies bag look good to me.

    Best regards.

  3. Annie , what a lovely gesture ! I feel so sad for her ..... Love her attitude despite of what had happened in her life :)

  4. I'm very sure too that bulgaria is filled with a lot of very nice people. just to let you know i am a big friend of diado dobri of sofia.


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