Monday 8 July 2013

Cool Summer Outing

Dear Family & Friends

When the weather warms up, where do you fancy escaping to? Bulgaria got the sea as well as the surrounding mountains to escape summer heat. As for us, we prefer to seek the coolness of the mountain areas.

We packed picnic lunch and was aiming to go to a national park in the mountain...but we couldn't find the place and ended up in this river place!

We were not ready for this...but the girls just can't resist getting into the water and got themselves very wet!

I didn't! After eating our picnic under the shade of these trees, with huge stone as our picnic table and chairs..the explorers went exploring and carried on with their fun and games!

I guarded the picnic leftover. Then, I saw this huge tree... it was staring at me like a big octopus...I didn't find it comfortable...nor was my stone chair I decided to leave the group and sat in the car instead...

While waiting for them .... I crochet a pretty red bon boni bag! I also had a great time:)

Well, you keep cool and happy this summer too. Chill out!



  1. Hi Annie! What a great family outing!

    BTW, what was so scary about the tree?

  2. Beautiful summer's day! Nice!

  3. Just gorgeous! I love to visit places like that. Your crochet bag is so pretty!

  4. hello! this place looks very nice, where is this in bulgaria? doesn't look very bourgas ;)

  5. Annie , looking at the cool water makes me want to dive in :D What a lovely family outing ! Love that red crochet pouch - so pretty !

  6. HI Annie, nice place to go for picnic and the scenery is beautiful. Love your crochet bag, look so cute and pretty.

    Have a wonderful week ahead.


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