Sunday 21 July 2013

Dropping Big Girl To Scout Camp

Dear Family & Friends

Both of our girls are homeschooled since age the oldest one is now 15, she was invited to join the Scout leadership training... So, we droved her all the way to the camp meeting place. That's 3-4 hours drive each way thru a very windy mountain roads....but any parents would do everything for their children, won't they?

We stopped and had our packed lunch in this area and also to stretch our legs...our little girl felt better afterwards, as she doesn't have the stamina of windy road journey:( It was a beautiful day...sunny and pleasant enough to walk around the area.

Beneath the bridge that we were standing on, we saw young men "fly fishing"... To me, it seems impossible to catch fish this way with the rapid rushing river water....but they kept flicking their fishing rod back and forth ...mimicking a fly landing on the water to lure the fish....we were not near enough to know if they have caught anything! 

From the top of the bridge, I also spotted this vegetable garden....people's garden do fascinates me a lot...everyone have different ways of arranging their garden...and I always love to see how they garden and what they grow:)

After our short break, we had to leave our big girl with the scout's her first time to be away from us on her own for a week...we felt sad in a way...but children do grow  up, although we definitely want them with us for as long as possible... meaning forever!

So, on our way back home, with just the three of us, we dropped by this local restaurant to cheer ourselves a bit...but even this is not as good as when we are all together....Hmmmm....nevermind, a week will pass by quick and soon we will all be going back there for another long bring our big girl back home:)



  1. Hi Annie, very beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing.

    All parents are the same, they will take the effort to do anything for their children. No matter how old they are, they are forever our baby. :)

    Have a nice day.

  2. How beautiful! I loved the pictures. It must be tough to separate with your 15years old even it's short period of time.I hope you're doing better by now. This is a charming post.

  3. Amelia, Ameki...Thank you for your comments and for sharing the same understanding as mothers :) week, I'm sending both girls to another camp (the little one's turn, but the big one is coming with a leadership role this time)...perhaps it will be easier this time...or maybe worst...because both of them will be away from us for a week!!


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