Thursday 15 August 2013

Exotic Seeds

Dear Family & Friends

For weeks and weeks, I've been sending my girls to check our post office (which is just around the corner from our house) for a seed parcel. You see, this is my first ever give away present from a blogger in Malaysia, whose blog is full of interesting informative write ups on gardening.  You can check it out for yourself here : She was very kind to let me win these seeds!!

It took almost two months for the parcel to reach here!! Bulgaria's postal Service certainly needs a lot of improvement and it has been trying our patience eversince..but at least, this one arrived!!

You can understand the excitement, for all of them are tropical plants seeds! I'm sure it will be a great challenge for me to grow them because except for Okra and Luffa....none of them I've grown before....I'm looking forward to try growing Cotton, Ginseng, butterfly pea and Jicamas....If I succeed... it will be amazing for I can bring the tropical garden & produce memories of my old home country right where I am:) will not be till next year's spring time when I can start....because autumn season is coming up next! You can be sure I will be posting the update. For now...I can just start dreaming and hoping for the best:)



  1. Hi Annie, congratulation on winning the precious vegetables seeds. Happy gardening. Regards.

  2. Annie , congrats on winning those wonderful seeds ! More veggies to see next year :D

  3. Great! Nice variety of seeds to flourish your garden. I know it will be wonderful harvest.


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