Saturday 17 August 2013

Harvest: Coloured Corn & Wee Aubergine

Dear Family & Friends

As soon as my eyelid opens in the morning...I had to struggle and ran to the garden to gather a few harvest for the day....otherwise, late comers will be tortured by the scorching sun as the day goes on.

This morning, we started harvesting the other set of corn row at the far end of the garden. This is our first rainbow coloured corn. I think they will get darker as they mature more. Aren't they pretty? But the white grain corn tasted much sweeter!

Last year my aubergine were all planted in a neat group of rows. This year, my aubergine seedlings were misbehaving ...only a few came up, but there's a lot of aubergine volunteers growing here and there. So, these are harvest from the volunteers...seems tiny, but still delicious...our first lot of harvest for this year.

By the time I finish gathering a bit of garden harvest and pulled a couple buckets of weeds along the way....I feel I'm ready for bed again....Opppsss... but wait, I actually just got up! No...not bedtime yet even though I feel like it...The sun definitely can zonk you out in no time!!

Well, I guess it's about time to run back have a piece of  eggy bread and a cup of coffee...that will be sufficient to perk me up for the day:)

Hope your day is nice too:)



  1. Hi Annie, nice harvest...the effort and hard work in the garden is worth it. Your eggy bread look delicious. :))

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Annie , those rainbow corn look pretty indeed ! How did you cooked those aubergines ?! Your eggy bread looks delish , btw :D

  3. I agree...nice harvest!!! I didn't know British call egg plants aubergine, I think so cool and proper.


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