Tuesday 27 August 2013

Making Seed Envelops

Dear Family & Friends

Seeds are free in the garden...oh yes, you can buy packet of seeds too but when the garden start giving you seeds...receive it with grace:) Definitely: the best things in life are free:) Seeds equal future... it can also be something to be shared.

My little girl was kept busy when I gave her instructions to make me some pretty seed envelops.

Its amazing how creativity comes and she just went on enjoying her time too:)

Now, I must go gather the seeds and put them in respective envelops. ... for friends and families who would love to have them in their garden.



  1. Love the idea and she is an artist! So sweet!

  2. Great job and such a great creative idea!

  3. So creative ! Good job , kiddo ;)

  4. Hi Annie, very creative and innovation ideas. Nice drawing, keep up the good job. Best regards.


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