Friday 30 August 2013

Go, go for it!

Dear Family & Friends

We've been very brave this year! After much thoughts....we've finally went ahead, and my husband painted all our ceilings and wooden floors in the house - creamy off white! It's one of those things we weren't sure of but we just had to do it to find out..and there's no going back afterwards!!

Since our house on the ground floor level got a very low ceiling, ...we felt the need of expanding the space even if we have to do it through illusion, yet still maintain the character of those exposed wood beams in the house.

We left the wood beams in it's natural wood colour...and we thought it came out good that way. The best thing was all the painting jobs were done in the summer, where we can get the paint fumes out by leaving windows wide open for the duration of time.
There seems to be no ending task around us. We learned to do a lot of things by ourselves...a skill that we thought we never had... but, as we took the step, we realized that it's worth it. We saved our hard earned pennies with no labour cost involved, and the learning experience we gained is an even 'greater profit'. Hmmm... now, what should we do next for some project???

If you have any garden, home, cooking, craft, or any good projects in mind...go ahead, just do's fun to work. In the end, you could say: I did that, I've done it:)



  1. DIY sounds fun and cheap to boot ;D Love the exposed beams .

  2. What a improvement! Great job! The chicken drawing is totally cute! Did you do that?

  3. Hi Annie, excellent DIY. It's always fun to play around your own house and do the way you like it. It's cheaper too as labour are very expensive and some times you don't get want you want.



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