Wednesday 21 August 2013

Summer Camping

Dear Family & Friends

Our two girls joined camping with the Scout Group this year for the first time...they had fun whilst they were away but we parents didn't, for we missed them a lot...for one, we're not used to not having them around with us..LOL!

The older girl was grouped with the messy group...see the tent atmosphere :)

The younger one was grouped with the neat group...see the tent atmosphere :) 

As camping goes, they have to do some outdoor cooking fun... they managed spaghetti Bolognese :)

Although they came home with lots of mossy bites...yet night camp fire programmes were said to be fun!

Outdoor hockey games during the day kept them going:)

Their Scout Organizer is a Swiss...perhaps this explains his love of hiking and fun outdoor activities!! They walked for miles passing through sunflower fields for outdoor destination...the scenery is very nice right?? But the girls said it wasn't fun because these sunflower plants scratches them up as they pass through!

They were told to just walk straight turning left nor right, to avoid getting lost in this kind of field!

Once on top of the hill, they all had fun dangling on rope with ravines underneath them!  Of course they were safely harnessed!

After 6 days...we went to pick them up and they look so tired...but at least they had great fun! 

A line of smelly sleeping bags are being aired on the washing line.

It certainly looked like they had fun, but I'm not convinced. As for me, I think I prefer to stay in the comfort of home...camping in the lounge/living room on one very hot summer day would probably be the farthest place I could go :P



  1. Hi Annie, thanks for sharing your girls camping pictures, look like lots of fun. The sunflowers field look beautiful.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Ha ha ha. I feel the same way. Camping is not fun activity for me. I agree with Amelia, the sunflowers pic is really pretty.

  3. Is that Julia ?! She's gorgeous ! Camping during summer ?! As long as the tent is air-conditioned , I'll go , if not , forget it lol


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