Monday 2 September 2013

Like a Rose

Dear Family & Friends

If there's nothing else, I can't deny that we are truly blessed with the abundance of tomatoes! We eat it, we preserve it for future use, we give it away... and my little girl got the opportunity to put her artistic mark on it too.

A Tomato Rose!

Along with basil and chives from the garden, this picture was created on a plate.

And Yes, she ate the artwork afterwards too:)

I like her creativity...and she remembered to take the photo for me...that explains why the napkin is back to front in some of the shots...but as she's my daughter...I still think it is: picture perfect!

Hoping your day is as beautiful as this tomato rose, if not, even better! Be blessed!



  1. How charming! Lucky to have artistic daughter. I can see that you two had a lovely time.

  2. Hi Annie, that's so cute and pretty. Very creative ideas, like mother, like daughter. :)
    The pictures and presentation look good.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  3. So pretty ! Sh'es very creative , Annie :D Who says you can't play with your food ? lol


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