Saturday 26 October 2013

On The Way To Harvest Walnut

Dear Family & Friends

One late afternoon, the father & daughters team decided to harvest some walnut from our tree in another nearby vicinity before others would. On their way, a village grandfather met them, wanting to give the girls a Russian Tortoise to roam around our garden. So, the girls came back to ask for my permission...Who could say no?

They ran back and in a minute, a cute tortoise was freed in our lawn and off it went to settle itself in our compost area.

Remember, they were suppose to gather some walnuts? So, they left again. Half way to their destination, they met another village uncle with a trailer full of grapes...he insisted on filling the bucket they're carrying with grapes. They readily accepted, for this same man got the sweetest grapes when he dropped us a bag full last week!! So, they ran back home again to drop this bucket of grapes, and got another empty bucket to haul walnuts in.

Now, for the third time, they left home once again to pursue their walnut harvesting mission. This time, they brought home a bucketful of walnuts from our own walnut tree! Just in time, for the day is drawing to a close.

Just one bucket of nuts out of our lone walnut tree...but not a bad harvest, considering the neighbour's tease: that we don't need to bring a bucket.. just two jean pockets would be enough! 

The walnut tree location is just a 3 minutes walking distance from our house...but the way to get there is laden with a few kind-hearted villagers....if you live in a village like ours, the path is never straight forward...there's always a chat or two along the way... that's village life!

I guess you know I have to deal with drying up the walnut,  read on how to care for the tortoise, and wash and clean all those grapes :)

Hope you enjoy a simple but blessed living too:)



  1. I think you live in an ideal place, everyone seems so kind and gentle. Nice cute story.

  2. Hi Annie, that's lot of harvest, love the walnuts. First time I see fresh walnuts.

    Happy gardening.

  3. Annie , if only people around the world are like those who live in your village ....So , what are you planning to do with those walnuts ?! :D


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