Friday 29 November 2013

Mustard Greens or Greens

Dear Family & Friends

With cool season such as autumn and spring time, mustard greens, spinach, pak choi, and chards seems to just love it.

I didn't have success with any lettuce for some reason but I have plenty of this spicy mustard green leaves. I think it is also called mizuna or rocket leaves? We love it fresh but it can pile up to a great big height on our plates as salad with some simple dressing like balsamic vinegar & olive oil. Sometimes, I stir fry them very very quickly with a bit of simple yet so delicious. When cooked, it doesn't taste spicy any more. 

In the vegetable garden, I still have rows of pakchoi and plenty brussel sprouts...hopefully they will withstand the cold winter as I couldn't possibly cover them up for the winter.

As if we don't have enough greens, I carried on digging a portion of our front garden last week, and planted two side rows of more mustard greens. With this tiny plot, I could easily cover it up with a low made-up plastic tunnel for winter protection. Then, we can carry on eating our most loved green food.

I just have a few more days left to play with garden dirt before cold days will lock me up indoors... so, I'm still doing my trial and error gardening chores.

Are you done with your gardening activities where you are?



  1. You have a very neat garden. It's so cold to go outside now that I'm neglecting garden, front and back yard. Yikes!

  2. Hi Annie, your vegetables look so healthy and nice. It always fun to plant our own vegetables. Happy gardening before winter arrive. Regards.

  3. really envy you, i stay in apartment. no plot of land for gardening. it is wonderful, isn't it, to plant your own vegetables. :) our tomatoes here in kl taste very plasticky artificial from the hydroponic farming technique. really love good old-fashioned tomatoes. and my man has always bragged that bulgaria has the best tomatoes! tell me about it ;)


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